What if you could build better health breath by breath?

Breath is the chief sustainer of life. Yet, how often do you think about its maintenance? 😊

The AquaCure lifetool could help the chief sustainer of life — your breath — run better.

“What’s the AquaCure and how do I use it?” 

The short answer: The AquaCure is a HydrOxy generator invented by George Wiseman. HydrOxy is a gaseous mixture of Hydrogen, Oxygen, & electrically expanded water.

After the AquaCure streams HydrOxy through the included bubbler, HydrOxy can easily be inhaled via the provided breathing tube. (For more info, please see the FAQ or the AquaCure manual.)

Over to you: Imagine better health built breath by breath.

Made in Canada

In the heart of the Prairies

Priced in CAD $

Save on the exchange rate

Ready to give your future self the best you?

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

"In 2 weeks, I've gotten up to 2-3 hours of inhalation and 2 quarts of water which has HydrOxy bubbled per day.. I've noticed a sense of wellness and strength that seemed quite pronounced.. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!”
Rich Jordan

Less sleepy

"I haven’t been using my AquaCure as much as I’d like, but I have noticed a super decreased need for sleep/food." -Bob Walker

"I would like this machine to serve us for a long time.

We have noticed already some positive changes in our wellbeing which can hardly be attributed to anything else."
Waldemar & Bozena
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