A Story About How Nature Can Improve Your Life At Any Age... Even If You Underestimate It

by Ryan Chorneyko, founder of Pureffect

George Wiseman.

Something about that name made me remember the moment my friend first shared it with me.

The two other things I remembered from the same occasion were: George was an inventor, and my friend said something to the tune that my entrepreneurship experience may be of some assistance to George.

I eventually met George in the summer of 2019 and began to learn more about his best-known invention, the AquaCure.

At first, I felt skeptical about the AquaCure. That’s hardly surprising, right? I was reacting to it just like most people do when they first hear about something amazing. You usually can’t help but wonder, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?”

But I kept on listening to George, in big part because of the humbleness he and the AquaCure gave off. (Like most Canadians, if there’s one thing I’m regularly drawn to, it’s humbleness.)

You see, when you talk to George about the AquaCure (or listen to him about it), he doesn’t take credit for the goodness it delivers. Instead, he’s quick to say that the credit belongs to nature — the AquaCure is merely a conduit for one of nature’s marvels.

George’s humbleness is a big part of why, even after a 10th or 100th visit to his website, the reach and size of the AquaCure community around the globe is not obvious.

While on his website, you may also wonder why his instructional videos are not better edited, or why the uncounted testimonials from the folks who are praising the AquaCure are not better organized. (I know I did.)

The reason for that is simple: George is an inventor. He’s laser-focused on making the AquaCure the best HydrOxy (aka Brown’s Gas) machine. He wants to put it into as many hands as possible. But operations (i.e. developing facilities to meet demand), marketing, and similar entrepreneurship how-tos are not George’s passion. 

Because of his limited operational capacity, seeing an ‘AquaCure is out of stock’ notice on his website is not an uncommon sight. To me, every time I saw it meant that folks were waiting. And that made me want to help.

Through conversations with George, I learned about his ‘AquaCure Manufacturing Course.’ It’s meant to help meet the demand for AquaCure machines by training wellpreneurs like myself to build independent manufacturing 
AquaCure facilities around the world. (Like all progressive things, the course is a living thing and under ongoing development.)

I took the course and was the first one to pass it. Shortly after, I started building a 4,000-square-foot AquaCure manufacturing facility in my hometown of Regina. (It was unveiled under the name ‘Pureffect.’) After it was ready, and after the first batch of AquaCure machines assembled in Regina passed George’s quality assurance test, it was with great honour that we started offering them on our website under the beloved AquaCure brand name and logo.

(As an independent ‘George Wiseman Authorized AquaCure Manufacturing Facility,’ we offer the ‘365 Days Get 100% of Your Money Back Guarantee’ and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing errors.)

I am so excited to be contributing to the well-being of others. I’m equally delighted that the Pureffect’s AquaCure crew is furthering and preserving both George’s life’s work and the AquaCure community.

We’ve already supplied AquaCure machines to 100s of individuals and health practitioners across Canada, USA, and the globe. The following are just a few stories we’ve cherished & preserved so far:

“Pureffect has been a wonderful company that’s provided the game-changing AquaCure machine at a great price. Their communication is top notch, which is important with a machine like this since the science behind it is only known by a small number of people. Highly recommend getting your AquaCure from Pureffect.” – Aaron Kennedy, Via Facebook recommendations

(We sell the exact same AquaCure machines as George, but we handle our own customer service.)

“I am more than impressed with the AquaCure system. The first thing I noticed after a week is that the floaters in my eyes disappeared. I had them for years — now, gone.”
– Lance Colins, Via Google reviews

Thank you for reading this far.

While we have you here, will you allow nature to work on you?

Ryan & the AquaCure crew at Pureffect

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