AquaCure AC50
AquaCure AC50

AquaCure AC50

$3,200.00 CAD

Limited time promo: Get 20% off the regular price with our ‘Happy 2022!‘ coupon.

Our AquaCure is then only $2,560 Canadian dollars, or approx. just $2,499 US dollars.

More good news: The coupon will be automagically deducted ✨ from your total as soon as you add your machine to the cart.  (This coupon can be used more than once by each customer but is limited to one discount per transaction.)

What’s included:

  • User manual
  • Tower with quick connect union
  • Humidifier with connection hose
  • 1 liter drinking water bubbler
  • 3 oxygen tubing hoses: 1ft, 4ft, and 7ft
  • 4 7ft nasal cannulas
  • Spot applicator
  • Goggles
  • Tubing connector (to lengthen hose reach)
  • T connector (for simultaneous breathing)
  • Arm treatment bag
  • Leg treatment bag
  • TDS meter
  • Funnel
  • Towel
  • Lye powder
  • Thread tape
  • Syringe
  • Bubbler stone


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