Why a licensed clinical nutritionist & health coach, Marcella Macklis, recommends the AquaCure to her family, clients, & friends

(The following is a condensed version of our recent chat via email with Marcella.)   

AquaCure crew at Pureffect: Thank you very much for referring your family member to us, Marcella! 💝 Thank you also for being an ambassador of natural wellness.

Marcella, folks like you are often the linchpin in helping their friends and family feel more confident about embracing natural wellness. Because of that, your feedback can help us better serve you and others like you.

So, would you please tell us — when do you usually first mention the AquaCure machine to the folks you love?

Marcella: I usually mention it to family and friends and clients who I see are having difficulty with their health and are interested in better health.

AquaCure crew at Pureffect: What are the top reasons you mention when recommending that others get an AquaCure?

Marcella: I always share how it has impacted me; how much more energy I have.

Also, I share how when I compare my last pregnancy to the current one, I feel incredible this time. Even though I have always had a clean diet, the molecular hydrogen has been a game changer. I even used it on my 3yr old daughter one day when she was not feeling good. 20 min later she was dancing and felt amazing. That really surprised me.

AquaCure crew at Pureffect: Thank you for sharing that. What’s an AquaCure accessory that you don’t yet own, but would like to try?

Marcella: I really need to buy the machine to make distilled water. It is on my wish list!

AquaCure crew at Pureffect: Thank you again for sharing your story, Marcella! 💝 And a handy reminder — you only need distilled water in the machine and humidifier bottle. You can bubble any type of water in your drinking water bottle.

The AquaCure ORIGINALS series preserves stories from folks like you, in their own words, about how nature can improve your life at any age — even if you underestimate it.

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"In 2 weeks, I've gotten up to 2-3 hours of inhalation and 2 quarts of water which has HydrOxy bubbled per day.. I've noticed a sense of wellness and strength that seemed quite pronounced.. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!”
Rich Jordan

Less sleepy

"I haven’t been using my AquaCure as much as I’d like, but I have noticed a super decreased need for sleep/food." -Bob Walker

"I would like this machine to serve us for a long time.

We have noticed already some positive changes in our wellbeing which can hardly be attributed to anything else."
Waldemar & Bozena
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