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AquaCure ORIGINALS by Pureffect

The AquaCure ORIGINALS series preserves stories from folks like you, in their own words, about how nature can improve your life at any age — even if you underestimate it.

An introduction to the series, by the inventor of AquaCure

“The reason why we train others to build AquaCure machines is this: We need to get this technology into as many homes as possible, and we (Eagle-Research) can’t do it alone. 

I’m happy that the first person who passed our AquaCure Manufacturing Course, Ryan Chorneyko, is doing such a fine job with his company Pureffect at both building AquaCure machines and giving the AquaCure community great customer service.”

George Wiseman
Inventor of the AquaCure machine & founder of Eagle-Research

What am I: I start when you wake up, and I barely end when you go to sleep.

You likely guessed the answer, right?

If you’re anything like most folks who have been around the barn more than once, then you know the answer to the above riddle is some kind of unwellness. 

You see, the list of things which we can both consciously and consistently be aware of is short. And (sadly) unwellness of some kind tends to be at the top of it.

Because our mission is to contribute to the well-being of others, in the AquaCure Originals series we’re bringing forward first-hand experiences from people who:

  • Are in many ways just like you, and
  • Are solving the riddle of unwellness by leaning on nature via the AquaCure.

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Ryan Chorneyko, founder of Pureffect

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